About Us

An experienced and dedicated team to show you the right way for a drug free sober life.

Deciding to reach out and accept help for your drug or alcohol addiction could be the most important decision of your life and selecting which drug rehab center is the right fit for you or a loved one is another big decision. At Protisruti, We believe that addiction is a treatable disease and the cycle can be broken by restoring their behavioral, psychological and moral lose using the N.A. 12 steps as a foundation along with the T.C. method. Protisruti Drug Rehabilitation Center has a long experience of drug addiction treatment (using our unique rehabilitation program) and striving since 2004 to provide the best value and quality for patients who need help with drug and alcohol addiction treatment and also provides a lifetime support to ensure a drug free, peaceful and productive life forever. Please review our “How It Works” section to help yourself for making a decision about choosing the right center.


The Beginning

Protisruti established in 2004 by some young striving men inspired by their own lives to help drug addicts when there were no lights of hope, they took the lead and revolution begun since then.

Our Mission

To provide the proper drug treatment and support to addicts and their families through our unique rehabilitation program and make the planet a better living place and to save ourselves as well.

Duration Of Treatment

Protisruti Drug Rehabilitation Center is designed as Long term basis residential treatment system. The full course duration is 3 months (in house) and 15 days (follow up) and lifelong aftercare.

Our Team

Protisruti Drug rehabilitation Center is organized with professional physician and Psychiatrist and trained counselors and staffs to provide the bio-psychological treatment and support to our patients.

Our Educational Classes

our classes are designed by highly qualified and experienced professionals to create an affect
to improve psychological and spiritual thought, religious belief and behavior, mental strength and self respect.

Our Foods

We provide meals to our patients four times in a day and foods are hygienic and appropriate for a patient to supply the required amount of calories for a person, suggested by doctors.

Our Environment

our environment is quite clean and comfortable and it is fully accommodated with essential and entertaining equipment and also fully restricted from outer world.

Office Hours

We are 24/7 open, but try to contact us within 10am to 10pm. Visitors can visit only in Friday, from 10am to 1pm after one month of admission. Please contact us for details.

Our Ideology

Since 2004, Protisruti Drug Rehabilitation Center is working for addicts and approximately 100 men can take our treatment service per year. At Protisruti we don’t distinguish people addicted to drugs and alcohol as Patients. Instead we view them as students, people learning to live with out substance abuse. Our drug rehabilitation program is designed to enable graduates to get back into their life on their own.We can’t save lives but we can teach you how to save yours. The program’s focus is on teaching students to live ethical lives free of their addiction, and be able to become a contributing citizen.


Protisruti Drug Rehabilitation Center is not a 100% commercial institute. With an intention to help misguided people by showing them a proper way of living by providing the proper drug treatment to get them back in to the life Protisruti is working hard since 2004 and it is one of the best Drug Rehabilitation Center integrated with all kinds of treatment support along with it’s unique and proven successful Rehabilitation program (treatment method) within a very reasonable cost.