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  • Who Is An Addict

    Posted on Dec 01 2011  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  Cetegories : Addiction, Rehabilitation  |  No Comments

    Often, individuals who have a problem with drug addiction will not admit that they have a problem. Most of the time it’s because of guilt and shame due to the stigma that Addicts are Bad people who do Bad things. Some people even believe that addicts should be locked up and then the keys thrown away.

    Worst yet is that some people even think that addicts are very harmful individuals and where there are addicts around their lives are in imminent danger. But the truth is! Drug Addiction is a disease of the mind and body and just like other people who are sick with other illnesses Drug Addicts need the same Kind, Caring, Understanding and Patient treatment that is given to others afflicted with other illnesses. However, nothing can be done until the addicted individual admits to themselves that they have a drug problem

    This assessment tool could serve as an eye-opener for the individual and convince them to admit that they may have a problem with drugs.

    • Have you had problems at work or school due to your drug use?

    • Is your drug use making your home life unhappy?

    • Do you use drugs in order to help you feel more comfortable around people?

    • Have you spent money on drugs that were supposed to be spent on other things, like children’s clothes? Rent? Tuition? Money owed to others?

    • Have you been spending time with people that you don’t really care about because of your drug use?

    • Has your drug use led you to take dangerous risks (risking your life just to buy drugs)?

    • Do you get cravings for drugs?

    • Has your drug use led you to do things you are ashamed of?

    • Have you ever used drugs in the morning?

    • Have you ever been involved in a serious physical or verbal fight when using drugs?

    • Do you ever use drugs to escape worries?

    • Is it hard for you to imagine living without drugs?

    • Have you ever thought you should cut back on your drug use?

    • Has anyone ever criticized your drug use?

    • Have you ever been arrested for a drug-related incident?

    • Have you ever had trouble remembering what happened as a result of your drug use?

    • Have you ever had a health problem because of your drug use?

    • Have you ever lied about your drug use?

    • Have you ever lost interest in things or activities that you used to find enjoyable?

    • Do you feel like your life simply isn’t working out?

    If you have answers yes to four or more of these questions, then you probably have a drug problem that will only get worse without the proper help. Seek the professional help that you need. Provide yourself with literature and contact sources. Give yourself a list of web sites that they can visit for more information. If all else fails, then the family and significant others should schedule an intervention to confront the individual with a drug problem.

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    About The Author

    Sheikh Heera is a freelance web application developer, currently living with parents and two yonger sisters in Sylhet, Bangladesh and working with Halal IT (As a Programmer) and Protisruti Drug Rehabilitation Center (As a Founder Member and Director, since 2004).