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  • VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) 2012

    Protisruti Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center is going to arrange a 3 days VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) program from 27th Nov 2012 at their institute arranged by BARACA and Protisruti. VCT  (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) includes: 1. Free Blood Testing for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis [More…]

    Posted on Nov 26 2012  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  No Comments
  • You Were, You Are, You Will

    One of our directors,  the funding member of Protisruti Drug Rehabilitation Center Mr. Masum Ahmed Chowdhury is going to U.K. on the 4th of April, 2012 to be settled with his wife, so we are going to miss him and [More…]

    Posted on Apr 02 2012  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  4 Comments
  • মাদকসেবী সদস্যদের চিকিতসা শেষে অভিভাবকরা কী করবেন?

    মাদক পরিবার থেকে ব্যক্তিকে কার্যত বিচ্ছিন্ন করে ফেলে। তার সঙ্গে পরিবারের অন্যান্য সদস্যদের ক্ষেত্রে গড়ে ওঠে অস্বসি-কর দেয়াল। এমনকি চিকিতসা শেষে সে চাইলেও তার একার পক্ষে চট করে এ দেয়াল আর ভাঙ্গা সম্ভব হয়না। তাই অভিভাবকসহ পরিবারের আর সব সদস্যকেই [More…]

    Posted on Jan 14 2012  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  Cetegories : Miscellaneous, Rehabilitation  |  1 Comment
  • 8th Anniversary of Protisruti

    Peace be upon you! Dear, You are cordially invited to join us for a Milad-Mahfil in honor of Protisruti’s 8th anniversary and the unexpected death of our heartiest recovery friend “Ishtiak Ahmed” at Baad-Asar, on Friday, the 13th of January, [More…]

    Posted on Jan 07 2012  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  1 Comment
  • We Mourn

    ইন্নালিল্লাহি ওয়া ইন্না ইলাইহি রাজিউন ! We are so grief-stricken on the death of one of our heartiest friends “Ishtiak Ahmed” who has left us forever. This is a very simple rule of human life cycle provided by God, when time comes [More...]

    Posted on Jan 02 2012  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  5 Comments
  • What Is Emotion ?

    The word emotion includes a wide range of observable behaviors, expressed feelings, and changes in the body state. This diversity in intended meanings of the word emotion make it hard to study. For many of us emotions are very personal [More…]

    Posted on Dec 16 2011  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  Cetegories : Psychology, Rehabilitation  |  No Comments
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