Cheap Outcall Escorts Break Up

Many people go through breakups some find it harder than others. Some people become a recluse and shut the world out until they have dealt with their pain and are ready to face the world again. Others tend to rebel a little and start to really go out there and do outrageous things. I work for a cheap outcall escorts agency in London and some of the girls who work there with me have told me that they have heard some outrageous stories of what people do after break up.  

One girl from London escort admitted that she with crazy after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. She was so mad at him because he cheated on her with no other person but an Escort from another agency. She said she was so mad that he would have the audacity to not only cheat on her but with another escort from arrival agency. She told us there soon as she found out she went over to his flat and painted all of the walls bright pink. She then told us that she smashed all of his mirrors windows plates cups and glasses and left all of the shrapnel on the floor. The bit that the other girls from London escorts and I cringed that was that she even left dog faeces in his bed. The girls in London escorts and I laugh at this story she really went crazy.  

How’s the girls and I was sharing our stories of either what we’d heard or what we have been through after break up 1 girl particular Louisa was quite quiet. So I asked her ‘Louisa what did you do after breaking up with your ex-boyfriend’. Louisa looked away and her body language became tense. We gently encourage her to share her story with us and the girls from London escorts and I gathered round her to let her know that she was in a safe space. Louisa looked up at us all and very quietly said after breaking up with my boyfriend I locked myself in my house and didn’t come out for four months’. She proceeded to tell us that during this four months she was really depressed and didn’t wanna go anywhere or see anybody however is what she did after she decided that she’d had enough of her depressive state and stepped out of her front door. Louisa is a petite brunette very popular as one of our petite London escorts. She’s about 4 foot seven with short brown hair and a tiny waist and she probably only weighs about 7 1/2 stone. So what she told us that she did next we couldn’t believe our ears.  

Louisa told us there after four months of being depressed and staying in her house she stepped outside walked over to her boyfriends house lift it up some bricks from the floor and smashed his car windscreen she then took the hammer and smashed the side of his car by the time she was done with it it look like I’ve been beaten up by a dinosaur. The girls in London escorts and I laughed heartily we couldn’t believe that little Louisa could be so vicious.

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