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  • What is Alcohol?

    Posted on Dec 16 2011  |  By : Sheikh Heera  |  Cetegories : Addiction, Rehabilitation  |  3 Comments

    Alcohol is also a drug but so many people have a misconception that it’s not an addictive drug and it is not harmfull like other drugs.  It is nothing other than a misconception.

    What is alcohol?

    Alcohol is a clear drink that is made from corn, barley, grain, rye, or a beverage containing ethyl. When a person drinks alcohol, about 20 percent is absorbed in the stomach, and 80 percent is absorbed in the small intestine. The concentration of alcohol, the type of drink, and whether the stomach is full or empty depends on how fast the alcohol is absorbed. Once the alcohol is absorbed into the tissue, it affects your mind and body.  Blood alcohol concentration can rise up to 20 minutes after having a drink. After alcohol is absorbed it leaves the body in three ways: the kidneys, lungs, and liver.

    How is it made?

    Beer and  wine are called fermented beverages. They are made by adding yeast to a substance that contains sugar. The yeast starts the formation process, which turns sugar into ethyl and carbon dioxide gas. Beer is made from barley malt. The people who brew the beer soak the barley in water to make it sprout. When the barley dries, they take off the sprouts only leaving starch, or malt. The malt is ground up and mixed up with water to form mash. This is put into another mash which contains corn or rice that has been crushed and heated. The starch from corn or rice is then changed to sugar. Some dried flowers are added to the mash to add flavor, then the mash is fermented. Then the brewers age the beer for several weeks to add taste in the beer.

    Another type of alcoholic beverage is called a distilled beverage. That is made from fermented grain mash or fermented juice. Distilled beverages include drinks such as whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, gin, rum, and other beverages. Please Watch the video.

    Alcohol and your Brain

    About The Author

    Sheikh Heera is a freelance web application developer, currently living with parents and two yonger sisters in Sylhet, Bangladesh and working with Halal IT (As a Programmer) and Protisruti Drug Rehabilitation Center (As a Founder Member and Director, since 2004).

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